Click on the links below for cool Web sites & tech tools:

Cartoons -Fun cartoons to add to worksheets or Wikis
Library Thing
Flickr - Share your photos with friends or the world on Flickr.
Flip Video Cameras - They've dropped in price; $149 for 60 minutes of video
Google 3D Warehouse
Google Maps
Picnik - Go to Picnik for a Web app that lets you quickly resize and crop photos.
Words, Words, Words - Mark Sheehy's Web site
Internet 4 Classrooms - Berkeley's library provides an exercise to teach the evaluation of web sites/sources, including a link to... - This site tracks traffic on the web and can help evaluate a site's provenance. It can also tell you what search engines and sites are getting the most hits, what the hot stories are, etc. This site allows you to subscribe to this magazine about ideas and tools for Ed. Tech leaders. The subscription is free for educators.

Don't download Diigolet! - This blocked access to certain Web sites on Nadine's computer.