Big6 Research Skills

The Big6 is an information and technology literacy model developed by educators Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz. Go to: for a further definition and resources related to the Big6.

The 6 Keys to the Knowledge Kingdom

Go to to find a Web site that was developed by Jane Cook in coordination with Linda Robinson and Jaime Russell to teach middle school students how to apply the Big6 skills when doing research projects and writing research papers. Please report broken links to

For a wealth of information with links to other resources on the Big6, go to:

Big 6 Reproducibles

**Overview of the Big6 for Educators**
**Step 1: Task Definition**
**Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies.pdf**
**Step 3: Location and Access of Information**
**Step 4: Use of Information**
**Step 5: Synthesis**
**Step 6: Evaluation**

Super 3: Introducing the Big6 to Younger Grades