Tech Summer Institute 2010 (TechSI 2010)

This is the launching page for Technology, Writers and Writing: A Technology Summer Institute Sponsored by the Connecticut Writing Project in Collaboration with EASTCONN. TechSI 2010 is the 3rd annual summer institute. It is a week-long institute which focuses on exploring a variety of technology tools that support writing, teaching and learning. Each day will focus on a different topic:
  • Day 1: Productivity Tools that Support Writing, Teaching & Learning: “Kicking It Up a Notch” with Word, PowerPoint and online writing tools
  • Day 2: Online Collaborative Learning Environments with Wikis & Blogs
  • Day 3: Podcasting 101 and More
  • Day 4. The Wonderful World of the Web
  • Day 5. Digital Storytelling
Each day is designed as a combination of demonstration, “hands on” time, and discussions of the implications of using these powerful technology tools with students. Educators are invited to come and immerse themselves for a day or a week and discover how these tools can change teaching and learning for them and their students forever. Participants can sign up for the entire week of this institute or for individual days that are of interest. For a description of the Tech Summer Institute on the Connecticut Writing Project Web site, go to:

General Handouts