Microsoft Photostory Resources

Microsoft Photostory 3 - Click on this link to go to Microsoft's Web site to download Photostory and get more information about it.
Using Microsoft Photostory 3 - Click on this link to find David Jakes' tutorial for Photostory

Photostory Planning Sheets/Storyboards

Model 1 - Storyboard worksheet for Photostory - Side layout external image pdf.png storyboard_side.pdf - Thanks to David Jakes!
Model 2 - Storyboard worksheet for Photostory - Top layout external image pdf.png storyboard_top.pdf - Thanks to David Jakes!

Another Photo Story planning sheet that Jamie Hendricks and Sue Irvine, Mansfield, CT educators, created to use with students.
external image msword.png Photostory Planning Sheet.doc

Photostory Example

Jane Cook's Sample of a Photostory - TheFirstSnow3-7-09.wmv, a children's book written by Jane Cook