Tech SI 2010 Day 1 - Productivity Tools that Support Writing, Teaching and Learning

Resources for Day 1

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As a result of taking part in this workshop, participants will:
  1. Use advanced features in MS Word such as: Inserting a Table of Contents, Using Track Changes to collaborate on a document, Formatting Margins, Running a Readability Level, etc.
  2. Create a simple PowerPoint presentation that includes clip art or pictures and sound.
  3. Experience the MY Assess online writing tool for the perspective of a student and consider how it might be useful for teachers.
  4. Be able to apply these productivity tools in a variety of ways in their school settings.

Materials Generated During Day 1

Click on the links below for materials that were generated during Day 1 on 7/26/10:

Quote of the Day
Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.
Vince Lombardi
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